About Us

At Knutson Construction Co., Inc. we realize that home ownership is the most significant investment most of us will make during our lifetimes.

Our approach to construction is holistic.  We take the time, up front if possible, to understand our customer’s needs, the root causes of any existing problems and to analyze the options available.  Then we use this information to develop good design, provide excellent execution and superb post-construction support.  This information also helps us get beyond settling for short-term, quick fixes where they are inappropriate. 

We pride ourselves on design that responds to our customers’ needs, desires and budget and is as sustainable as reasonably practical.  Our construction reflects these design and budget parameters while also reflecting the talents of our exceptional craftsmen.  Our follow-up support helps ensure lasting value for our customers.  In doing these things we build and sustain partnerships, with the home and business owners for whom we work, within our staff, with our peers and within our community.  These partnerships in turn provide new opportunities allowing our business to flourish.

Craftsmanship Is our Tradition


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